Braces Case Study: 6 Weeks

I have had my brace on for 6 weeks, and I think it would feel strange to not be wearing it.

I have noticed a huge difference in my teeth already, the 2 front teeth are beginning to move in line with the others. I had my 2nd wire fitted (there are 3 wires in total). The changing of the wire and cleaning of my teeth took about 30 minutes. Nga advised I needed to keep the new wire on for another 6 weeks and then I would have my final wire fitted. Nga did warn me that once the final wire was removed (6 weeks after fitting) we would look at how to retain the shape of the teeth. This will either be via a retina which I sleep in at night or a fixed brace behind my teeth. Either of the options I would be happy with. The new wire caused some slight aching, and I had to apply the wax again as I had some slight discomfort but this all settled down within a couple of days.

A small rubber band that is placed around each bracket to hold the arch wire in place. The QST bands are clear. I have found that the bands are prone to staining through eating and drinking. The staining makes me feel self-conscious about the brace, therefore I pop into the practice every 2 weeks and have them changed. It only takes about 15 minutes, and they look much better afterwards.

I can now eat relatively normal again, I struggle to bite into food therefore I use a knife and fork wherever possible, with a sandwich I tear it apart in my hand and then eat it.

I am amazed how quick the whole process is taking, I wish I had had a brace sooner. Friends and family have commented how straight my teeth are looking, and a colleague has booked a free consultation with Nga.