The fitting

My braces are finally going to be fitted.

The braces took about an hour to fit. Nga talked me through the process.  The first step was to have my teeth thoroughly cleaned. Nga then fitted the brackets and the wire

The fitting was painless my mouth wasn’t clamped, cut or hurt in anyway but as you can imagine sitting in the dentist chair with your mouth open for an hour is tiresome. Nga advised me to take painkillers if my teeth began to ache, I was given some wax sticks which I was told to rub onto any brackets that rub against my lips to stop them from hurting or cutting me.

I had a slight ache after the first day but the painkillers and wax stopped the pain.

End of week 1

I’m slowly getting used to the braces. I did have some tooth ache which I took paracetamol for. This has now gone, but I am still struggling to eat. I have been advised I will get used to it over time however I’m not convinced.

I’m not sure whether people are being polite but nobody has really noticed the brace, apart from friends who knew I was having it fitted and have been asking me about it. The only thing I am disappointed with is how quickly the bands have discoloured, I am brushing my teeth/brace 5 times a day and I’m very careful not to eat or drink foods that could easily stain them but it hasn’t helped. However I did go and see Nga and she changed the bands for me which has made a real difference.

End of week 2

I finally seem used to the brace. It no longer feels alien, and I don’t really think about it too much. I had to have a new bracket fitted as the one I had, came off (Nga had advised me we may have a slight problem with it because it’s attaching to my crown). When it came off, I was at work. I contacted the practice and Nga arranged for me to come in that day and have it re-fitted it. The service I received was exceptional. Nga was great, she re-assured me if anything happened like this again just to contact the surgery and they will always manage to fit me in.

6 week review

I have had my brace on for 6 weeks, and I think it would feel strange to not be wearing it.

I have noticed a huge difference in my teeth already, the 2 front teeth are beginning to move in line with the others. I had my 2nd wire fitted (there are 3 wires in total). The changing of the wire and cleaning of my teeth took about 30 minutes. Nga advised I needed to keep the new wire on for another 6 weeks and then I would have my final wire fitted. The new wire caused some slight aching, and I had to apply the wax again as I had some slight discomfort but this all settled down within a couple of days.

A small rubber band that is placed around each bracket to hold the arch wire in place. The QST bands are clear. I have found that the bands are prone to staining through eating and drinking. The staining makes me feel self-conscious about the brace, therefore I pop into the practice every 2 weeks and have them changed. It only takes about 15 minutes, and they look much better afterwards.

I can now eat relatively normal again, I struggle to bite into food therefore I use a knife and fork wherever possible, with a sandwich I tear it apart in my hand and then eat it.

12 week review

I had my final wire fitted yesterday. This wire will continue to help align my teeth.  I have had a 'power chain' placed linking all the brackets together. This has replaced the smaller individual rubber bands.  This will help to close the gaps created by moving the teeth. The fitting was the same as the last one, the wire is removed and my teeth are cleaned around the brackets, the whole process took about 20 minutes and is painless.

The 3rd wire has been the same as the others, a little discomfort and tooth ache, but I take paracetamol and use the wax to alleviate the pain.

Nga advised some of my teeth may need lengthening after the brace is removed which is often the case when you begin straightening your teeth. Once the final wire is removed we will begin to look into what might need doing. It was also confirmed I will need a fixed brace behind the back of my teeth to ensure the shape of my teeth hold. I have been assured you won’t see it, I am happy with this as I don’t want to go through this whole process for them to begin moving back again.

I am amazed how quick the whole process is taking, I wish I had had a brace sooner. Friends and family have commented how straight my teeth are looking, and a colleague has booked a free consultation with Nga.

The Removal

I wore my final wire for 8 weeks, after 6 weeks I met with Nga and we decided to leave it on for a little longer as we felt some of the teeth at the bottom still had some gaps. Nga took my impressions at the appointment for the fixed wire behind my teeth. 

At the 8 week appointment the wire was removed and my teeth fully cleaned at the back. Nga then fitted my permanent fixed braces. I was apprehensive about these as I knew they were going to be a permanent fixture in my mouth. However I needn’t have worried, nearly 2 weeks in and I don’t even notice them, and more to the point neither does anybody else. Nga advised how to clean them, and I have regular check-ups at the dentist therefore I can ensure everything is as it should be.

The brackets were then removed, I wasn’t sure how this would be done but Nga had a small device that just clipped off each one. It took about 2 minutes and was painless. My teeth were fully cleaned - my mouth felt empty in comparison! My 2 front teeth were slightly shorter than the others and Nga felt it was best to lengthen them. This was a simple procedure which was a similar process to a filling but without the drill.

When Nga gave me a mirror, I couldn’t believe how amazing my teeth looked, and how white they were! They are better than I could have ever imagined, and I have had so many compliments.

Nga then took a final impression for my removable retainer (I will wear this on a night), I was also advised I could use this to whiten my teeth if I bought some teeth whitening solution.

I only wore my braces for 5 months and it has been the best thing I have ever done. I now smile with confidence. Nga and the team at Springfield Dental Clinic have been wonderful and I cannot recommend them enough.