Braces Case Study: 12 Week Review

I had my final wire fitted yesterday, I some gaps in my teeth already after only 12 weeks. This wire will continue to help align my teeth. I have had a 'power chain' placed linking all the brackets together. This has replaced the smaller individual rubber bands. This will help to close the gaps created by moving the teeth. The fitting was the same as the last
one, the wire is removed and my teeth are cleaned around the brackets, the whole process took about 20 minutes and is painless.

The 3rd wire has been the same as the others, a little discomfort and tooth ache, but I take paracetamol and use the wax to alleviate the pain. Nga advised some of my teeth may need lengthening after the brace is removed which is often the case when you begin straightening your teeth. Once the final wire is removed we will begin to look into what might need doing. It was also confirmed I will need a fixed brace behind the back of my teeth to ensure the shape of my teeth hold. I have been
assured you won’t see it, I am happy with this as I don’t want to go through this whole process for them to begin moving back again.

I am amazed how quick the whole process is taking, I wish I had had a brace sooner. Friends and family have commented how straight my teeth are looking, and a colleague has booked a free consultation with Nga.

This page was last updated on the 29th of June 2017