Braces Case Study: Week 1

I’m slowly getting used to the braces. I did have some tooth ache which I took paracetamol for. This has now gone, but I am still struggling to eat. I have always had a smoothie for breakfast, and I have changed my regular wrap for soup for lunch and I am eating rice with my evening meal. I can break up the food with my tongue and then swallow but as for any chewing I just can’t do it. I have been assured I will find a way.

I’m not sure whether people are being polite but nobody has really noticed the brace, apart from friends who knew I was having it fitted and have been asking me about it. One friend did say I looked in pain, I’m not in any pain but I can’t close my mouth properly, maybe that’s why. My lips are very dry which I am surprised at as I am drinking lots more water therefore you would think I would be more hydrated. The only thing I am disappointed with is how quickly the bands have discoloured, I am brushing my teeth/ brace 5 times a day and I’m very careful not to eat or drink foods that could easily stain them but it hasn’t helped. However I did go and see Nga and she changed the bands for me which has made a real difference. None of these issues make me regret my decision, no pain no gain. It’s all just teething problems – excuse the pun!

I can’t see any movement in my teeth but then it has only been a week.

This page was last updated on the 29th of June 2017